Traditional cooking in STEPHAN quality


The compact cooker consists of a tiltable vessel, equipped with a double jacket. The vessel can be closed by an automatically operated lid. The mixing arm is driven by a shaft through the bottom of the vessel. It is equipped with scrapers following the shape of the wall. An optimized mixing of the ingredients is ensured. Deposits on the inner vessel surface are avoided. The double jacket is used for indirect heating. Charging with raw material is done by special charging device on left hand side of the vessel. It is placed on the left hand side of the vessel. The working position (STEPHAN specific inclination) allows gentle but effective mixing. For emptying the vessel can be moved forward. The emptying takes place via the opened vessel into standard containers. For the STEPHAN COOK-IT® a wide range of options in addition to the standard features are available.


- Tiltable, jacketed, insulated vessel
- Full size cover, automatic
- Mixing arm with scraper, two speed
- Temperature probe
- Open to atmosphere via vent elbow
- Contactor control

- Direct steam noozles
- Flushing water nozzles
- Sieve for removing cooking water
- Direct water metering
- Discharge valve (cooking water, liquid products)
- Lifting / tilting device
- Steam conditioning unit
- PLC control system



Stephan Machinery