Continuous Cooker CC 1000 - CC 6000 - Processing machine

Continuous Cooker CC 1000 - CC 6000

The unique STEPHAN Continuous Cooker - emulsifying system INTEGRATED

The STEPHAN Continuous Cooker is a highly flexible process unit, designed for all kinds of processed cheese from low to high viscosity  - and also convenience food applications such as baby food. The combination of a rotating mixing shaft with a rotor/stator system is the reason why our STEPHAN Continuous Cooker is so special and unique.  Due to the wide range of rotor/stator combinations our Continuous Cooker could be tailored to manifold applications. There’s more to it  than this: the shear forces are adjustable. Here is versatility at home!
In a small processing chamber the product will be mixed with the directly injected steam and heated to the cooking temperature in short time by extremely efficient energy use. Afterwards the product is passing the rotor/stator-system for emulsification. All processing parameters are fully controlled. The STEPHAN Continuous Cooker could be used as a stand-alone machine or integrated in a complete processing line.

- Frequency controlled main drive, 300 – 3000 rpm
- Direct steam injection
- Big regulation range in a ratio of 1:5 of the capacity
- Rotor/Stator-system, wide range of combinations
- Double mechanical seal, water flushed
- Stainless steel mixing shaft
- Backpressure pump
- Siemens PLC

- Teflon coated mixing shaft, to avoid settings and burn-ons
- Heat holding section, product depending
- Flow plate, for process line integration and CIP connection


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