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C80R - Blister Packaging machine


Stand alone blister packaging machine (600 blister/minute)


is a highly economical solution that guarantees high production efficiency with the least amount of product and material waste. 

The C80R is designed for the quickest changeover, the highest efficiency with all kinds of packaging materials, the greatest flexibility and operator-friendliness, able to produce blister for Gum Pellets, Soft Candies, Hard Candies, Pressed Mints.

The C80R is a machine working on 1, 2 or 3 rows designed for the modular separation of all materials and respective working groups. Products and materials are always visible and clearly separated and cross-contamination is eliminated thanks to clean design in critical areas like feeding.
Its ergonomic design makes daily operations easy and safe while always maintaining the expected production results.

Thanks to a very flexible blister transfer system from the cutter the C80R offers many advantages in wallet production as it can handle any blister shape and configuration, even the most difficult blisters with small or even one pocket.

C80R can feed products with a wide thickness tolerance and unusual shapes.
To get the highest filling efficiency IMA Safe is the unique supplier that can provide Combifill Feeding Unit.

Easy connection to the IMA Safe and Gima wallet machines.

IMA Safe